Beautiful Vintage Cufflinks, Tie Stick Pins, Jewellery & Lapel Buttons

Proudly handcrafted in Derbyshire

Welcome to Victique Cufflinks

Following my passion for cufflinks and other sartorial accessories, and building on my creative instincts, Victique Cufflinks is a new source of contemporary yet classic accessories for the discerning gentleman.

I aim to compliment the attire of the elegant the dapper and the dandy, giving them that elegant look, I create contemporary yet classic designs taking vintage elements and breathing new life into them in a unique modern context.

The result is a range of unique elegant accessories including, Cufflinks, Tie Stick Pins, Lapel Buttons, Jewellery and more, so please enjoy browsing through my selection of accessories, I hope my passion shines through, Thank you.

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