The Button Button for sale at Victique Cufflinks.


Have you ever had an awkward moment when your at a special occasion. It maybe an interview or a date at a restaurant or even out shopping and your button falls off. Well the Button Button is here to solve that problem for you and to save you any  further embarrassment. This accessory is  a clip on button that is basically for an emergency , as not everyone carries a needle and cotton around with them. The Button Button arrives with two backs, a metal one and a white plastic one. There is no end to the use of this accessory. You will receive four buttons with four metal backs and four plastic backs. Please may I finish off  by saying  I am honoured and very privileged to be working alongside The Parisian Gentleman and Sonya Glyn. If you require this accessory in  any other colour for your business or just for personal use or even as a gift please contact me and I will arrange it with you . Victique Cufflinks will not accept any allergic reaction to the materials used in creating this accessory, should this happen. Please ask any questions before purchasing this accessory. Kind regards. Mr Victique.


Button accessory for garment.

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